The Art of Moving

…After weeks of hectic packing, cleaning, purging and purchasing, April In Progress has come up for some air for a blog post. Sometimes there are few visual reminders of a workaholic’s efforts – one of mine: my house. Gutting and renovating our 1913 colonial has been a testament to this workaholic’s tireless work ethic, which […]

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Duncan at Home

How do you find time amidst the chaos?

Successful workaholics know exactly what company to keep on a hectic Tuesday afternoon… Question to the workaholics out there –  how do you get back on track when you are completely consumed by work and personal commitments? More to come on managing the chaos the Spring/Summer seems to bring…this workaholic fell off the balance bandwagon […]

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Go girl!

Go girl!

So after 3 months of cross-fitting, I can say that yesterday was a turning point—to all the crossfit skeptics out there who paint a picture of super toned body builders (most of them being male) who drink creatine shakes, I have got news for you. Yesterday, yours truly accomplished a small but meaningful crossfit feat—this […]

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Take a Chill Pill – For breakfast

With a steady pace of sunny, warm days, it is time to switch up the breakfast routine—because sometimes you need a kick in the rear even if the sun is coming up a little earlier these days. For those of you looking for either a small or large step outside of the breakfast comfort zone, […]

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Where did all the white space go?

After a couple of chaotic weeks, bouncing from one deliverable to the next – I sat back and thought to myself, “Where did all the white space go?” Cry for Help and a Cliché Are you one of those workaholic’s that is constantly fending off the constant borage of meetings, both meaningful and fruitless? How do […]

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Goat cheese salad

Throwback Thursday Dinner #TBTD

It appears the common theme this week is food to feed a busy schedule and a body aching from head to toe as a result of a tough crossfit week. Giving into the #TBT trend—why not bring back a classic, easy, and make-ahead meal courtesy of my good friend Jules—baked goat cheese salad. This was […]

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Banana Boats

Cramping Cured by Chocolate—and banana

As I lay down after another tough crossfit workout, that all-too familiar cramping begins from my feet slowly creeping up to my calves. Now what? Reaching for a banana may not help you in this very moment, but it may certainly serve to prevent cramping if incorporated as part of your regular diet. The banana’s […]

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Chicken 1

A Case of the Mondays: Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Middle management can sometimes get the best of even the most seasoned workaholic—can’t win with upper management and can’t win with your direct reports—stuck between a rock and a hard place was a term coined from the experiences of a middle manager—if it’s not, it sure feels that way. Now we all know that when […]

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Cheater, Cheater, Cupcake Eater

Clearly my guilty conscience has gotten the best of me on a weekend that generally celebrates the end of self-control and restraint—while I did not give anything up for lent this year (mostly because I was so swamped at work/life, I completely lost track of time), I have tried to make a year-round effort to […]

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How unglamorous was your weekend?

As much of a cliché spring cleaning can be, there’s nothing more satisfying (and often unglamorous) than a freshly cleaned house, with everything put in its place and smell of Windex—yes Windex. I vividly remember reading a chapter in Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, where she described the decluttering process and how integral it was […]

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