Good intentions; surprising results

As I sit here at my desk with blood-shot eyes, no concept of how long I’ve been here, whether I’ve actually slept or what day it is, I realize that I had narrowly escaped a crash and burn moment after setting out with good intentions and careful planning at the beginning of this frigid week .

While planning, packing lunches/dinners/etc. at the beginning of the week, and blocking off my Outlook calendar, seemed like a genius way to ward off the evil workaholic spirits, I found myself driving home in the middle of the night wondering–how can this be reality.  It may have had something to do with the 3.5-4 hours of sleep each night this week, but I suddenly realized that while working 17 hour days, I had still managed to stay on track with several goals, as dutifully promised last week.

Bento box lunches and unsubscribing from the relentless on slot of online shopping emails has been but a small contribution to the week, but some that have managed to keep this accounting zombie from slipping off the tracks.   Amazon’s $15 Bentgo lunch system has managed to compartmentalize and organize at least one component of this seemingly hectic week (counted as a victory in my book).  Interested in giving it a test drive?  Here’s the link to the one shown below: Bentgo Lunch Box on Amazon


I know some of you are sitting out there shaking your heads–workaholic, yes; balance (this week), no, but the surprising outcome is that even in the midst of the professional fury, small personal escapes and treats end up producing surprisingly meaningful results.  Perhaps it is the 15 minutes of quiet as I open my lunch and just relax that enables a workaholic to find balance and not just scaling completely back (although I assure you that scaling back is a critical component to success longer term–I am counting the minutes until Saturday morning)

Here’s to staying warm and surviving the remainder of the week! (current temp in Boston: 5 below)

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