How unglamorous was your weekend?

As much of a cliché spring cleaning can be, there’s nothing more satisfying (and often unglamorous) than a freshly cleaned house, with everything put in its place and smell of Windex—yes Windex.

I vividly remember reading a chapter in Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, where she The Happiness Projectdescribed the decluttering process and how integral it was to have at least one empty shelf, closet or cabinet in your home. This empty space will become a shrine to all things organized and serve as goal to keep clutter at bay. Gretchen’s conversational and narrative style made for a quick and enjoyable read—and if, after hours of spring cleaning, you want to decompress—check out her book here on Amazon: The Happiness Project

As part of my own seasonal decluttering, this weekend was dedicated to the cleaning gods; every surface received the royal treatment, from the windows to the couches and even those high maintenance fabric lamp shades.  Glamorous right?

As a self-proclaimed clean freak, who some have accused of being slightly OCD, I am always on the hunt for a few tips in the art of cleaning—and was frankly shocked/intrigued by some of the guidance I stumbled upon from Real Simple magazine:

Couches –
Step 1: Review the tags—often found under the cushions on the base of the couch—ensure the tag reads “W”, which essentially means you can “wash”/treat the couch yourself. Any special wash instructions should be followed closely in order to avoid a costly sofa snafu
Step 2: Dilute 1 cap full of Woolite into a bucket of cool water. Using a wrung-out sponge dipped in the solution, wipe down each cushion/arm/etc.
Step 3: Let all cushions and couch pieces dry completely before reassembling—be sure to warn those around you that the sofa will be out of commission for a few hours—although it is slightly amusing when someone sits down only to realize their backside is now wet—but I digress

Kitchen/Bathroom cabinets—
Step 1: Empty contents of cabinets and dust off individually – for those kitchen contents, why not utilize the dishwasher and save yourself some elbow grease?
Step 2: Using a microfiber or electrostatic cloth, wipe down the cabinet surfaces, making sure to get into the far reaches of the cabinet corners
Step 3: Using dish soap and water or even some Windex—soak a cloth and wipe down the cabinet surfaces, including the walls, tops and bottomsWindex
Step 4: Want to prevent scouring every small item inside your cabinets until next spring? Why not try storing those items in large Ziploc bags, because let’s face it, who can actually see the tippetty top shelf in your kitchen cabinets?

Coffee Maker—
Step 1: Fill the carafe with 3 cups of water and the same amount of white vinegar and pour into the water chamber –turn switch on to brew
Step 2: Part way through the brew cycle switch off and let the solution sit for about an hour –turn the coffee maker back on and finish the remainder of the solution
Step 3: Refill the carafe and run at least one cycle of clean water through the coffee maker to ensure your coffee doesn’t have a certain tang the next morning

Ready to geek out with some additional cleaning tips? Check out many of Real Simple’s tips via this link: Real Simple Link

DuncanNow not everyone found Real Simple’s tips helpful—our dog Duncan refused to remove himself from the sofa after the cleaning commenced; however, with a little bribery, via cookies or even dog treats, you could be living in hygienic bliss on your freshly cleaned surfaces.

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