Go girl!

So after 3 months of cross-fitting, I can say that yesterday was a turning point—to all the crossfit skeptics out there who paint a picture of super toned body builders (most of them being male) who drink creatine shakes, I have got news for you.

Go girl!Yesterday, yours truly accomplished a small but meaningful crossfit feat—this girl beat the boys.

Now I will admit that those who know me know full and well how competitive I am—but yesterday was a turning point not only for my physical fitness but my mental toughness.

The moment I saw the WOD (workout of the day) on the board, my stomach started churning and I felt a little unsure of myself for really no reason at all—because after 3 months, while the workouts still kick your backside, the thought of them has become more a moment of embrace than fear—but the dreaded feeling of self-doubt started to takeover.

I sat there looking at my jump rope, my bar and my poker chips thinking –“just keep your own pace—focus on you and no one around you”—it was in that moment I remember that feeling of slipping into “the zone”, where the world becomes quiet and the surge of adrenaline kicks into high gear. I should also note that I am not some incredible athlete but rather a steady competitor.

When the countdown began, I took a deep breath and started the first round of burpees—after 3 rounds I started on the 200m run only to realize that I was in the lead—while the coach was yelling “come on April you’re beating him!”

I turned to look behind me and saw 2 of the guys just behind me on the run and I could feel myself pushing the limits mentally and physically. For the first time in months my mind and body worked together to muscle through what I thought was my upper limit. The cheers from the coaches and other classmates gave me that final surge of energy to kick through the last few minutes, making sure I conquered each burpee, front squat, body row, double under and 200m run.

As the WOD came to an end I realized I had finished ahead of everyone in the class and was secretly proud – proud of my ability to focus and stay on my own pace, but also realizing that I had finally gotten to a fitness level I could be proud of after 3 months of hard work.thumbcay7vqye1

The lesson: this isn’t just for the big burly men—the ladies can more than hold their own in crossfit. It’s time we stop creating our own barriers and just get out and try something new, because for most of us the only thing stopping us is our own self-doubt.

So ends my 1 week hiatus from blogging and more to come…

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