January Justified

Who is ready for January to come to a close? (me, me, me, me, me and me)

Maybe it’s the lingering impact of the holiday hangover (traveling all over, a schedule jam-packed with get togethers and parties) or maybe it’s the New Years Jolt (packed with resolutions, the need to change everything up, and the slow fizzle out) – or maybe it’s just because January is just so darn long.

Whatever may be the case – here in the Northeast – January somehow feels like it’s a 90-day purgatory each year – waiting anxiously to see how much snow will bury us for the next few months. This year has been no exception; however, it’s not fair to just toss the baby out with the bathwater. So in the spirit of gratitude (eh em, a New Years resolution of mine) – some things to feel grateful for in January:

Winter sunsets are actually one of my favorites
  1. Self Reflection – with all the new years resolution naysayers out there, it’s at least a time for most folks to spend time reflecting on the year ahead. It’s hard not to feel at least a little optimism at the start of a new year. Over these last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my professional and personal goals – pushing myself just a little bit harder than last year and setting some boundaries (mostly on my calendar) to make sure I can dedicate time to these goals.
  2. Down Time – to come out of the holiday season and have a tiny bit slower social schedule feels like blessing. For folks in colder climates, there’s a certain hibernation inclination (even if it’s just for a single weekend) – for us, we certainly fell in the love with the excuse to partake in the Danish form of “hygge” (pronounced: hue-guh) – the idea of embracing a cozy atmosphere at home. We’ve snuggled in on a Sunday morning with some coffee, warm breakfast and even the candles lit – buried under blankets and reading the paper. When Monday morning rolled around, I have to admit that I had felt like I slept all weekend and was ready to take on the day.
  3. Back on the Straight and Narrow – For obvious reasons, January has a similar feel to September – a leftover effect from years in school, where these time periods represented “getting back to business” after time off. While the month is long, there is something reassuring about getting back on track with routine and not feeling like you are missing out on much (especially with the questionable weather and lack of daylight in the Northeast). For me this past month focused on getting back on track with running, streamlining my growing closet, and just carving out a schedule that makes time for me. Being able to focus on resetting a schedule for dinners, workouts, and just general relaxation has been comforting – as it signals an end to the holiday chaos.

…and finally, after the long month of January, we move into the month of love. Whether you are a fan or not of Valentine’s Day, there is something special about showing the folks around you that you care.

I’m certainly grateful for all the fresh starts that January has provided me over these last few weeks – grateful to be running again, feeling inspired by my work, feeling a surge of renewed energy to get outside and grateful to have found my voice again.

Similar to January resolutions – this blog won’t help you lose 10 pounds or run a faster mile time or win the lottery – my goal is to share my stories and write about just what is going on in my hectic little world.

Thank you January.

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