The Art of Moving

…After weeks of hectic packing, cleaning, purging and purchasing, April In Progress has come up for some air for a blog post.

Sometimes there are few visual reminders of a workaholic’s efforts – one of mine: my house. Gutting and renovating our 1913 colonial has been a testament to this workaholic’s tireless work ethic, which has transcended my finance desk job. But after several years of renovating our current home, we are moving on.

Selling a house feels like selling years of memories – blood, sweat, lots of tears, many bumpsMoving box 2 and bruises and a lot of stuff. Every paint stroke and picture placed on the wall has been made very intentionally and we have worked diligently to create our own oasis—but in life, at some point we must end a chapter in order to begin another.

With this new chapter comes a great deal of packing and planning…

Harnessing your workaholic tendencies can be quite a challenge during this hectic time – packing and moving are seemingly easy to most, but those of us moving veterans know full and well, it is as much about planning and strategizing, as it is the amount of bubble wrap and boxes you buy.

Moving box 3For the ultra-organized workaholics out there—you’ll be pleased—moving is like any other project—it can be broken down, delegated and executed according to a calendar of events (for the most part). For that, this workaholic was thankful.

We have been plotting our move from the existing house, to my in-laws, to our brand new home over the last 2 months – having a father-in-law in the moving field has been amazing from a packing perspective, but also from an emotional one. He has provided loads of tips and advice over the last few months and I’ve paired my project-management skills with his priceless guidance.

The product?

A move that in the last week is 80% complete and a checklist that I will utilize for many years to come—as the staggering fact we learned in our house search, is that the average duration Americans stay in their homes is approximately 8 years—scary huh?

Moving Checklist and TipsMoving Checklist

In addition to the checklist, I have tried to include some useful links for changing your address, to qualifying a good moving company—here are a few:
1. Change of Address
2. How to find a good moving company
3. How to pack fragile items

We have learned a great deal over the last few weeks and will have many more suggestions and tips to provide as our move continues to unfold!

Here’s to the future and many great memories in our new home ahead!

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