Wonder Woman must wear these…

A good pair of underwear is like a new pair of shoes–instant confidence

Now I generally don’t put a lot of thought into my workout attire, but just before Christmas I happened to stumble upon something that claimed to be a game changer for all things athletic–Fitknix underwear ( sorry for the gentlemen out there- this one is for the ladies only – for now…)

Shown below and found here: Fitnix these gems can also be found on Amazon for all the Prime-exclusive folks out there – Amazon Fitknix

The real reason to believe? Only the fact that they do not ride up, do not retain excess moisture and the best part of the thong- no embarrassing VPL in front of your classmates or gym rats. It goes without saying that underwear is often overlooked and becomes an afterthought in most daily routines, but there is no contesting the instant confidence you feel when you’re wearing a new pair of knickers.

I have been wearing these new under garments for a little over a month now and haven’t seen even so much as a hiccup in their performance and fit–so here’s some additional observations and tips:

1. Washing– always wash with cold water and hang dry. I babied these panties and washed alongside my dearest Seven for all Mankind jeans on the gentle cycle and air dried. The color has stayed vibrant on all 3 pairs–the cobalt blue pictured below is by far my favorite.

2. Styles– each one of the 4 styles (thong, bikini, boy short and high rise) all claim to have a seamless design to prevent the dreaded VPL–I have not tested this claim for the bikinis, boy shorts or high rise, but the thongs do have an extremely flattering design and fit comfortably around my hips and do live up to the no VPL assertion.

3. Keep it Cool– they certainly will not be your personal fan to keep you cool on the treadmill, but they do a great job keeping you dry, which indirectly makes you feel cooler throughout your workout.

4. Sticker Shock– some out there are descending upon FitKnix’s site and scratching their heads at the price tag–a cool $28 on average per garment is a little much when you consider it is hidden from the outside world and only worn during your workouts, but a little goes a long way and even equipping yourself with a single pair to start may just add that extra pep in your step at the gym when you’re ready to throw in the towel.


I am always interested to hear what other gadgets, tricks and routines help add a little extra something to a workout routine–any suggestions out there?

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