Physical Therapy + Office = Time Saver

Multitasking – how many people see this word and think “hmmmm what exactly is that?” or (the more likely response in my case) “god please not again…”

When life/work/hobbies/errands/spouses/children/friends/colleagues/your body/the world come calling all at once, sometimes squeezing in a few of your laundry list of items is not just wise but, frankly, a necessity…

Enter Wednesday morning in my office (door shut of course), with my trusty green resistance band, a small towel, my emails and my exercises

Corporate America or not, those who work know that taking breaks is a must-have in terms of sanity preservation – so today I chose to safeguard my sanity and blocked my calendar off for 30 min for the Wednesday physical therapy routine…at work √♥

Flexions + Tights
Band Walk + Tights

The Routine + Instructional Videos:

  • Band Walks (Courtesy of Kerri from – 
    • 2 Rounds – 20 feet out and back
  • Clamshell (Courtesy of Movement Sports Clinic)
    • 2 Rounds – 25 reps on each side
  • Toe Curls (Courtesy of Stone Clinic PT)
    • 2 Rounds – 30 Reps (hold for 3-5 seconds)
  • Flexion (Courtesy of Ask Doctor Jo)
    • 2 Rounds – 15 reps each side + exercise

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